How can Vestia Solutions help your organization?


We help organizations to manage their information more effectively, resulting in improved operational efficiency, cost savings, and solid audit, e-discovery, and disaster preparedness. We work closely with clients to craft tailored, affordable, information management solutions that make sense in the long run given organizational goals and objectives.


Our topic-specific workshops allow participants to become familiar with a particular aspect of records management (RM) in a short period of time. Sample topics include: Fundamentals of RM, efficient use of software systems, storing information in the cloud etc. Please contact us to arrange a custom workshop or to sign up for a scheduled session.

Why Invest in Records Management?

  • ✓ Streamline administrative processes
  • ✓ Improve searchability of electronic information
  • ✓ Reduce record retrieval times
  • ✓ Ensure information reliability
  • ✓ Improve ability to make sound decisions quickly
  • ✓ Reduce storage costs
  • ✓ Use staff resources efficiently
  • ✓ Reduce insurance premiums
  • ✓ Reduce e-discovery, litigation and audit costs
  • ✓ Improve e-discovery and litigation preparedness
  • ✓ Improve audit preparedness
  • ✓ Improve privacy protection
  • ✓ Improve disaster preparedness
  • ✓ Protect organizational operations and reputation
  • ✓ Ensure legal compliance
  • ✓ Ensure regulatory compliance
  • ✓ Avoid legal or regulatory fines