To book a complimentary initial assessment and discuss your organization's unique records management needs, contact:

902.293.3347 | info@vestia.ca

Vestia Solutions advises clients on how to better manage the information produced via day-to-day business operations. Clients receive a complimentary initial assessment, from which we can build a custom project quote for review. Our consulting services include:

  • » Conducting needs analyses and file inventories;

  • » Designing file classification systems;

  • » Developing inactive document disposition strategies;

  • » Developing tailored-to-workflow paperless strategies;

  • » Developing email management strategies;

  • » Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software evaluation and recommendations based on information management needs;

  • » Communicating records management (RM) related IT requirements to IT staff and facilitating arrangements for required software installations or adjustments;

  • » Writing or modifying in-house RM policies and retention schedules for both physical and electronic records in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements;

  • » Developing disaster management programs to ensure the preservation and security of vital records;

  • » Staff training;

  • » Conducting annual or semi-annual RM "health" assessments to evaluate implemented practices.



To book a custom workshop or to sign up for a scheduled session, contact:

902.293.3347 | info@vestia.ca

Please check our Events page for information on upcoming scheduled workshops, or please contact us to schedule an industry or topic-specific, on-site session for your organization.

Records management (RM) is an umbrella term encompassing many factors. Our topic-specific workshops present excellent professional development opportunities, can bring awareness to multiple staff in a short amount of time, and will enable participants to:

  • » Learn records management fundamentals;

  • » Identify which RM issues apply to them;

  • » Better understand the requirements for successful implementation of RM initiatives;

  • » Identify which RM issues are most pressing;

  • » Gain peace of mind that solutions for their RM concerns exist.

Sample topics include: Fundamentals of RM, efficient use of software systems, storing information in the cloud, etc.